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Alignment issues (Win7 SSD install, image and restore to SSD)?

New Contributor II

Let's say I create a RAID 0 array of fresh 80GB G2s. I create a single partition which is 85% of the max drive space and then install Win7 to the array. I then image the install (via DiskSnapshot), wipe the G2s via a secure erase, re-create the RAID array and create the same partition disclosed above. Would I have a problem, alignment wise, restoring (via DiskSnapshot) the Win7 image to the wiped G2s?




There is a company called Paragon , they make a good piece of software , PAT , Paragon Alignment Tool. works very well , Most people will tell that windows will do the alignment , But that is only on a fresh install , if you are using a Image , you need to check the alignment especially if you use a image. The Paragone can do the alignment after install when you are up and running. Works with SSD and std HD .

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The same company makes a data migration program that will transfer the OS and align it at the same time.

YES They Make a variety of software suites. Some free smoe trail some you have to buy.