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BSOD on Tecra R850 + Intel SSD 520 - 180GB

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello.. Someone can confirm or explain if am stuck with this drive with an imcompatibility reason?!

This brand new laptop is with an HDD 320GB.

- Create Restore Disk

- Install drive from Intel and BIOS detect SSD correctly

- Start with Restore Disk, it work.

- On first start, some BSOD in a ramdom way...

THEN, I've installed clean Windows 7 x64 with just minimal driver to be as clean is possible. Install ToolBox from Intel.

- I have same BSOD in a random way.

I removed this disk and put back the original HDD that come with this Tecra; It work fine and stable.

Yes, it's slow. But it work.

Can someone can suggest something to be happy with a fast SSD drive from Intel ?

Thank you!


Esteemed Contributor III

I had the same problem of Intel 520 120GB on my ThinkPad W510. After the fresh installation of Win7 64 bit at the ACHI mode, theBSOD occurs frequently.

However, if I place this SSD to the 2nd HD bay on the same machine, as a data drive (not the boot drive), it can run smoothly.

How can I use the Intel 520 120GB as the primary boot drive?

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi, I sent back the Intel SSD 520 as a DOA and I will order an Seagate Momentus XT 750GB, I have two unit of the old version (500GB) and it work fine. This drive have 8GB of NAND Flash and the drive use it as an "cache" to speed up the access time and boot time.

Certainly, this isn't as fast compare to an SSD drive but something fast need to work as well After some reading, Sandforce already have BSOD caused by a momentary "drop" connection… this look like an experimental product depending of the perspective. For sure, this is the future of I/O for computer but for now, this is not stable OR you have to have the right combination