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330 series SSD on Linux. what is Erase block size and some other info needed

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I want to install Debian Linux on My new 180GB 330 series SSD. But, I need info about Erase Block Size, so that I can Align partitions correctly. As You can see in below article. Is there any official info on Erase Block Size? Linux SSD partition alignment tips | Into.the.Void.

Can someone help Me regarding SSD partition alignment?

Also, I want to go with GUID partition table and dual boot with Windows 7(yet to purchase).


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Hi Intel team,

Will You reply especially regarding Erase Block Size for 180GB 330 series SSD.

Thank You

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You're much more likely to get an answer to your question directly from Intel Support, here:

The block size you are interested in depends on the NAND chips being used, and the specs for currently used NAND is usually not readily available to the public.

In Windows PCs, the best we can do with alignment is the starting address must be divisible by four evenly for correct alignment. I'd like to know the block and page size of the NAND in my SSDs, but I've never seen that stated in reviews or SSD specs.