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What are the differences between SSDPEDMW012T401, SSDPEDMW012T4R5, and SSDPEDMW012T4X1 series SSDs? They have different prices, but seems to be the same device.

New Contributor

I am buying a 750 SSD, but I see different prices for the three available models:

  • SSDPEDMW012T401,
  • SSDPEDMW012T4R5, and

What are the differences between them? Do they have the same performance characteristics? Are they the same product packaged differently?

I could not find the answer to these questions to help me decide which one to buy.

Thanks for any support.

Eduardo Quintana


Esteemed Contributor III


Thanks for posting in our forum.We would like to let you that this is the same SSD, the Intel® SSD 750 Series (1.2TB, 1/2 Height PCIe 3.0, 20nm, MLC), the only difference is the way the SSDs were packed at the time it was shipped out from our company.You can check this @ordering link in order to verify it is the same drive, with same specs and characteristics.Any questions please let us know.NC

Esteemed Contributor III


We are following up on this thread and we would like to know if you require any more assistance.We will be waiting for your response.Regards,NC