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Very poor support from Solidigm

New Contributor

I have been busy for almost 3 weeks to get two (2) Intel SSD's to be replaced as they arrived both DOA (order was for 20 Intel SSD's).

So far it's been a complete pain to get anything solved by Solidigm! Almost 3 weeks have passed and I have supplied a ton of information and details. Even the original invoices. Still nothing happening and the seller does not want to take them back.

Is Solidigm not willing to replace the SSD's, though they have full warranty and also according to EU law? Or is Solidigm above the (EU) law? It really seems like this. Or they simply do not care at all...

Anyways, I am getting tired as I am also being completely ignored by email. And we will probably lose this customer thanks to Solidigm poort support! I doubt we will ever purchase another Intel SSD after this experience and given the abysmal support shown by Solidigm.

We also experienced with an older Kingston Enterprise SSD. Guess how things are handled overthere? Much better and faster. Contacted Kingston, filled in the RMA form and a replacement was send (through Advanced RMA) within 4 work days. How is that compared to almost 3 weeks where there is zero progress!?

Case: CIM-294890-Z2C6S CRM:07220097

I doubt this will help. But I am running out of options.


New Contributor

Just like with their email support, support here is also non existant. They simply do not care about issues and problems from customers.

I doubt they will ever honor the warranty on the Intel S4520 SSD's. Very, very bad customer service!


Hello MvdL,

Thank you for contacting Solidigm Support.

We understand that this warranty is very important to you, and we are trying our best to complete it as soon as possible. I have checked your case and you should have received a response by now.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to your case and we will gladly assist you.

Best regards,

Solidigm Customer Support.