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SSD intel dc s3500 80Gb (ssdsc2bb080g4) определяется как 40 Гб

New Contributor

Диском почти не пользовался.

Форматнул, удалил разделы, обновил прошивку, всё равно 40 Гб вместо 80 ти

В биосе определяется как ssdsc2bb080g4 40 Gb


Esteemed Contributor III

Hi m2140 ,

As per our translator tool, we understand your situation regarding the Intel® SSD DC S3500 Series that is shown as a 40GB drive. Please follow the next steps in order to get the SMART details of the drive: 1- Go to and download the Intel(R) Toolbox.2- Once the toolbox is installed, open it and select the faulty SSD.3- Click on "Export". This will generate a .csv file.4- Attach the file to your response when replying.If you are not able to run the tool, please let us know the OS you are running on the system. Regards,Junior M.

Yes, you understand right.

I tryed it on 3 motheboards, in achi and IDE mode, made Disk format, delete, firmware upgrade, secure erase but all is the same.

May be it is hpa?

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi m2140 ,

Thanks for the logs provided. Based on that, it seems that the SSD is ok. Could you please provide a screenshot of disk management. Also, please go to My PC, right-click the Intel® SSD DC S3500 Series and go to properties. Under properties go to the General tab and provide a screenshot of it. We look forward to hearing back from you.Regards,Junior M.

That is it.