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DC S3500 - What could cause the PLP capacitor to fail ?

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We have multiple arrays with intel DC S3500 800 Gb drives.

We had some strange incident this week with 2 drives reporting smart pre fail values because of capacitor failure at the same time.  
We have replaced the drives, they have their age and are our of warranty but we are concerned by the following facts :
-the two drive's capacitors seem to have died at the same time, they both report a discharge time of 1 microsecond.
-the drives have a different age and wearout (one has a CVWL serial number and the other a PHWL serial number )
-both of them had a warranty period until 10/2019
-we have 50+ DC ssd's now and must have used more thant 100+ over the last yearsand never had this kind of issue until now.
-this seems to be a very rare event as there is only one mailing list post mentionning such an event
-the drives are still perfectly fine performance wise, they just  have no more power loss protection.

So we are worried if this is an exceptional bad luck or if there is something to dig further at our side in the backplane or power supply of the server.

Anyone has  idea what external reason could cause a capacitor failure on an intel DC S3500 SSD ?


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Hello, netswitch.

Thank you for contacting the Intel Community Support.

I received your ticket regarding the S3500 Series, I will be glad to assist you.

I have been reviewing the available documentation and reports for this SSD, but I could not find something similar. As you mentioned, it could be a case of exceptionally bad luck, even more so since this happened in both at the same time.

If this is an external factor, the best option would be to keep track of the drives you installed to replace these two.

Something else that you could check is the firmware of the drives, are all of the drives running the same firmware as the two drives that failed?

The Intel Memory and Storage Tool can be used to check the firmware version and perform an update if necessary:

Let me know.

Best regards,

Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A contingent Worker at Intel

Hello, @netswitch.

Good day,

This message is just to follow up on your thread to check if I can be of assistance.

If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.

Best regards,

Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel

Hello, @netswitch.

We were reviewing your community thread, which is related to your Intel® SSD DC S3500 Series, and we have not heard back from you in a while, so we will proceed to close this inquiry now.

If you need further assistance, please post a new question.

Best regards,

Josh B.

Intel® Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel®