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SSD 330 is not being recognized on boot

New Contributor

Hi all,

I have a strange problem with my SSD 330, 128GB with firmware 300i.

It was working fine in my last system and since I upgraded my system this problem occurs every now and then. My PC has the following components (as far as it relates to problem)

  • MSI Z97 G45 Gaming
  • i7 4670k
  • Windows 8.1 Pro 64

I have installed the chipset driver and also the sata drivers from intel. I also have installed SSD ToolBox.

Before moving to new system I secure erased the drive using PartMagic boot cd. For installing windows I choose to quickformat the drive. So I think this steps may guarantee that I didnt bring anything to the new PC.

I am not sure if optimizing the SSD drive with intel ssd toolbox has anything to do with this situation, but I did optimize the drive and shortly after then my drive is not being recognized in the bios.

The only way to bring it back to life is to when I start the pc, disconnect the power cable off the drive and plug it back and reset the system. In that case the drive will be recognized. Funnily enough shutting down and disconnecting the PC from wall socket DOES NOT FIX the problem. Alos, I do not have BitLock enabled in windows, But I get a lot of critical errors regarding this on EventViewer of windows.

Do I have a dead drive? the SSD ToolBox shows the life is 100%....

Worst of all, the guarantee period is over.

Do you have any suggestion? Please let me know if you need more info.


Valued Contributor II

What was upgraded in your system? Was the operating system, the BIOS, the hardware? Please elaborate.

Did you try a different SATA port and cables or connecting the drive to a different system?

Hi joe!

Well I have upgraded the mainboard (I went from intel DK55 board to MSI Z97 G45 Gaming). I have also got new memory moduels (Corsair value series 8gb DDR3 1333 (2x4GB)). Obviously the CPU is now i7 4670k. Rest of my system are the same. In my old system I had also win 8.1 64, same as what I have now.

Yes I have tried with different sata cable and different ports. The problem is the same. I haven't connected the drive to another system tough....I can test it in my laptop later.

I have also noticed when the systems boots (after re-seating the power cable of the ssd drive) it sometimes locks up the windows right on the login page of windows.

Valued Contributor II

Hello Stimphano,

Please make sure you have the most recent Drivers and BIOS for your motherboard, they should be available from the manufacturer's website.

Check if the SSD is connected to the first (main) SATA port of the board.

Also, verify if the Storage controller is operating in AHCI mode (SATA), or in IDE mode (legacy).