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PC boots to bios first before Win10

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I recently built a new Skylake PC (i7-6700k) using your new Intel 750 PCIe 4x NVMe SSD. I'm using the Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7 mobo and I've upgraded the BIOS to version 4F. I managed to install the OS with little real difficulty but when I turn my PC on, it always boots to BIOS. I can then save and exit despite making no changes and it will then boot to Win10. How do I get it to boot to Windows directly?

[edit....] I've attached my SSD log file just in case it's needed.


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Hello Nvs1980,

It seems something in the Motherboard may not set properly, and this causes your system to go back to BIOS at boot.

I reviewed the SSD log you sent and it looks fine, so this condition seems to be related the Motherboard and BIOS.

We do not have the details about the configuration required by your system, however, you can find examples of BIOS configuration in the following document: Intel® High Performance Solid-State Drives — Booting an NVMe* PCI Express* Solid State Drive

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Spent almost the whole day fiddling with BIOS settings and still have no luck having it boot directly to windows. The OS is installed and boots the machine just fine, but it always goes to BIOS first.

Do you have any plans to update your support document to include Z170 motherboards?

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Is your BIOS information cleared? Such as system time goes to 0:0:0?

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Not quite sure I understand the question. Are you asking if my BIOS is saving its settings like the battery may be dead? The date/time in BIOS is present and all information is stored just fine.