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Not able to load system with SSD

New Contributor

I have Lenovo T410I laptop and intel ssdsc2bw240h6 is a bootable hard drive with installed Win10 Pro on it. Recently I got a problem with starting system. It stop after Thinkpad welcome screen and shows flashing underscores. BIOS recognizes SSD and runs HDD diagnostics program. But it doesn't help.

I removed SSD and plug it via USB/SATA adaptor to my Lenovo desktop. I can find SSD in Device management (it shows that it works),  it is recognized in Crystal DiskInfo (I attached PrtSCr here). In Drives management SSD is shown as not initialised. It is not seen in Explorer.

None of Intel software (Intel toolbox and intel  IMAS) detects this SSD on my Desktop (just to remind that it is connected via USB adaptor).

I also attached my sysinfo (again it is not System on SSD) where SSD is plugged in now.

What can I do to resurrect my SSD again.

Thank you in advance.


Valued Contributor

Hello pavskr,

Thank you for contacting Intel® Memory and Storage support.

As we understand, you need assistance with an error related to your Intel® SSD 535 Series. If we infer correctly, we will appreciate it if you can provide us with the following information to continue with the troubleshooting:

  • Please, let us know if this SSD came pre-installed with your Lenovo* PC.
  • A screenshot of the “Disk Management” showing all the storage devices. To access the disk manager, you can choose from the following two ways:

# 1: Open it from the Quick Access Menu.

o Right-click the bottom-left corner (or Start button) on the desktop to open Quick Access Menu, and then choose Disk Management.

# 2: Access Disk Management via Run.

o Use Windows+R to open Run, type “diskmgmt.msc” in the empty box, and tap OK.

  • We advise you to open a ticket in parallel with Lenovo* to get further assistance regarding the not booting issue you are experiencing with your PC.

We will be looking forward to your reply, including this information.

Josh B.

Intel® Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel®

Hello Josh B.

Thank you for your reply and suggestions.

I fixed the problem myself. 

My steps were:

1. I installed my SSD back to my laptop.

2. I used Windows 10 Media Creation tool to make a bootable USB Flash drive on my other computer with Windows 10 installed on it.

3. I insterted this Flash drive in my laptop and booted from it. I checked necessary boot setup in my laptop's BIOS to see that I can boot from USB FDD. When I turned on laptop, I pressed F12 to choose booting device.

4. When Windows 10 Setup started I pressed Next and then on next screen I pressed Repair your computer.

5. Then I pressed Troubleshoot, Advanced options, Startup repair.

In couple of minutes, it repaired "startup ability" of my SSD.

After I started Windows 10 normally, I ran Intel SSD Toolbox and made full test and it did not show any problem. So probably, the problem appeared because system shut down improperly. I have bad battery in my laptop and it can go empty othersudden if laptop is not plugged-in.

Regards, Pavel

Hello pavskr,

Thank you for your reply and for sharing the solution you found with the community.

Based on the information you provide us, everything seems to be up and running on your PC.

We will proceed to close this thread as you already fixed the issue with the OS and the SSD detection.

If you need assistance with any other Intel® product, please open a new thread.

Have a nice day.

Best regards,

Josh B.
Intel® Customer Support Technician
A Contingent Worker at Intel®