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NVMe driver and SpeedFan

New Contributor

Hello, I'm having a problem with the NVMe driver for the Intel SSD 760p 256gb drive. When you install it, the SpeedFan program stops (it hangs when you access the SSD). However, the standard Windows 10 driver for SSD NVM Express does not cause problems but limits the performance of the SSD drive. Is it possible to solve the problem?


Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Tommygano,

Thanks for posting.

SpeedFan* is a third party monitoring tool and is not supported by us. We recommend reporting this behavior at the developer's bug tracking system.

NOTE: Links to third party sites are being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.You can check S.M.A.R.T. details and overall health for Intel® SSD 760p Series using Intel® SSD Toolbox.Best regards,Eugenio F.