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issdfut 2.0.9 will not boot on old ibm thinkpad x41

New Contributor

I have installed a 525 60Gb SSD in my old ibm thinkpad x41 (by the use of a small PATA to mSATA interface card). When I try to boot issdfut 2.0.9 from a usb, it fails to boot past start of Xorg with a:

Fatal server error:

Caught signal 4 (Illegal Instruction). Server aborting

I also have a newer hp 2540p laptop, which boots fine the same usb with issdfut...

Any idea of why it will not boot?

Will you release a firmware update utility for linux (as the utility on the usb is running linux anyhow)? I'm running Ubuntu on both laptops.


Valued Contributor II

In this case the best recommendation is to use the Intel® SSD 525 in direct connection with the mSATA port.

I am sorry for any inconvenience.

There is no mSATA port on the thinkpad x41, which is why i use the PATA to mSATA interface card. In my HP 2540p laptop there is only normal SATA connection.

My 525 SSD has the LLLi firmware. How can I see if this is the latest.

I'm looking into this update of firmware, because I experienced an issue when formatting partitions (to ext4) or issue fstrim (sudo fstrim -v /) from ubuntu on the drive. When doing this the SSD suddenly gets non-accessible, and I get "input/output error" and I need to do a cold restart (power off, power on).

Valued Contributor II

The drive already has the latest firmware. This could be due to compatibility.