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Intel SSD 660p 1TB m.2 drivers causing system to not load

New Contributor

I have an Intel SSD 660p 1TB m.2 installed and so far works perfectly fine, but if I update to the latest drivers the system won't boot up and will keep restarting after loading BIOS. Is there any solution for this?


Contributor II

I rather doubt that this has anything to do with the 660p drive itself, but we really don't have enough information (hell, don't have any; you've told us diddly-squat) to come to any conclusion.

Please download and run the Intel System Support Utility for Windows. Upload and attach the report file generated to your response message using the paperclip icon (which appears below the edit box). In this response, indicate which driver updates cause the issue to appear.


Contributor II
  1. The SSU report, Al asked to see, will be very helpful, however, since your system is not booting, you can't run the Intel SSU now. I suggest the following steps to restore your system to last working configuration:
  2. Boot from your Windows 10 installation USB. If you don't have one, you may create it using Microsoft Media Creation Tool:
  3. Select your language preferences and click/tap on Next.
  4. Click/tap on Repair your computer at the bottom.
  5. Click/tap on Troubleshoot.
  6. Click/tap on Advanced options.
  7. Click/tap on System Restore (use a restore point recorder on your PC to restore Windows).
  8. If prompted, click/tap on an administrator and follow the instruction on screen. Select the restore point form the list.
  9. After few Nexts, click Finish confirmed by Yes - the restore will start.
  10. Your PC will now restart and perform a System Restore. 
  11. When the System Restore has completed successfully, click/tap on Restart.

Hope this helps


New Contributor

Thanks for your quick answers and sorry for not really explaining myself😅

The system is working fine as it's been restored. I don't know what is causing this to happen, but as soon as I restart my computer after installing the latest SSD drivers (, it just won't pass the BIOS boot screen (or whatever the name is) and will keep restarting.

Attached is the SSU report, as asked.


Why are you loading SSD drivers at all? SSD Drivers are built into Windows 10 and updated drivers are really not necessary (and indeed may be incompatible with Ryzen-based systems).