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Intel 540s SSDs keep disappearing

New Contributor

I have 8x Intel 540s SSDs all with Firmware LSF042C (newest as of this post).

Originally I have them in RAID 10 on a PERC H730 controller and they worked beautifully for a year and then the problems started.

The array over night reported that 3 drives were offline. They'd redetect when removed and reinserted but would then disappear x hours later.

I attempted creating a new array with fewer drives but that fails during initialisation also.

So I connected 4 of them to my Asus Z170-P (updated the firmware, drivers etc) and attempted to create a RAID 10 array using IRST but that causes drives to disappear during initialisation also (only recoverable with a power cycle).

The Intel SSD Toolbox reports them as healthy (between 99 and 100 on all of their statistics).

Any suggestions ?


New Contributor

Hello JJohn158,

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.  

Please generate the following reports and attach the results to the thread.

1. Intel® System Support Utility (Intel® SSU) 

  • Intel® SSU Download link 
  • Open the application and click on "Scan" to see the system and device information. By default, Intel® SSU will take you to the "Summary View". 
  • Click on the menu where it says "Summary" to change to "Detailed View". 
  • To save your scan, click on "Next", then "Save". 

Please generate a report from the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology. 

  • Open the Intel Rapid Storage Technology user interface (Start > Programs > Intel > Intel® Rapid Storage Technology). 
  • Click the Help icon. 
  • Click the System Report icon. 
  • Click Save. 
  • Attach the report to the thread. 

Can you please provide us some screenshots on how the disks are being detected from the BIOS? 

Please share some pictures on how the disks are being connected.


Adrian M.

Intel Customer Support Technician

Firstly... Thanks for responding and your time Adrian.

Due to the coronavirus I'm unable to go to the office to obtain the PERC controller. This means that I've had to split the drives into 2 batches of 4.

The issues occur on both the PERC controller and my IRST so it shouldn't make a difference for troubleshooting.

(It appears I can only attach 1 file at a time so please forgive the multiple replies with an attachment each)

posted a file.

posted a file.