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How to get SSD530 to boot in Raid system

Esteemed Contributor III

I recently bought a 240GB Intel 530 series SSD. I cloned my Raid 5 system onto the drive and all looks fine, except that the computer will not boot to the new drive. It shows up and all the data is on the drive, but no boot.

The computer is an HP 700 Series desktop with Intel CPU and motherboard chipset.

If I disable the Raid 5 drives the computer says that there is no boot device, i.e. the SSD drive. With the Raid system attached the computer always ends up booting from that.

I want to replace the Raid 5 HDD with a Raid 0 SSD with a cloned system, but this appears to be no so simple as I hoped.


Contributor II

Hello GedLee,

Please note that it is possible to do Raid Migrations. You can go from Raid 0 to Raid 5 but I am regret to say it is not possible to do Raid migration from RAID 5 to RAID 0.

In this case, my best recommendation is to save all information on RAID 5 volume and then create RAID 0.

Here is a good article about supported RAID migrations:

Kevin M

Esteemed Contributor III

I figured that would be the case - it makes sense. Hence, I created a single drive (no Raid) from the Raid 5 system, that was no problem, but now nothing that I do seems to be able to create a bootable system from the new SSD drive. All clone attempts from various apps have failed. The clone "looks" correct and the system tries to boot into it, but it just keep cycling at the user login and freezes. I have tried everything and nothing works.

Thus far I am not too impressed with migrating a disk to an SSD system, Raid or no Raid.

I am running Win 8.1 on an Intel based HP computer.