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Driver for S3610 (former Intel)

New Contributor

I have an Intel SSD dc s3610 1.6tb, and have been experiencing a lot of BSOD lately (storeport.sys). I have been told that a driverupdate for the SSD should fix it, but I have been unable to locate a driver on your website, and am reluctant to use 3rd party websites. 

Can you please give me instructions as to how to install the correct driver? 


New Contributor II

Hi bronnum97,

Can you share additional information about your setup such as: OS, brand and model of the system, where you got the information about driver update fixes the issue & ongoing activities in your system prior to experiencing BSOD.

If you're using Windows Operating system, you can install Solidigm Storage Tool and run Full Diagnostic scan to check the health of your drive. Also, export the SMART logs and submit a ticket to Solidigm Customer Support for further investigation of your issue.

Hope this helps.