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awful warrenty support

New Contributor

contacted support monday gave them all the info off my drive emailed in the invoice. tueday was told 24-48 hours to approve my RMA. called in today 4 days later still no RMA number and just told to keep waiting. they can't transfer me to a manger they can't provide the RMA number over the phone... any other company there c/s agents can approve an RMA over the phone can give u the RMA number and info for shipping the drive in on the spot this is awful support.


I don't expect this company is going to stay in business for very long when they can't even do something as simple as approve an RMA in a timely manor and c/s just tells u nothing we can do we have no power to approve an RMA we just forward this to some other dept that your not aloud to talk to.


on top of that they can't even replace drives there just offering refunds.


New Contributor

still no RMA number after a week of waiting and c/s can't tell me nothing other then to keep waiting... what kind of company don't give there c/s agent the power to approve RMAs on the spot any other company can give u the RMA number and the info for shipping in your product well your on the phone with them.


this whole we have to escalate your case to some other dept that never replies just to get an RMA number is stupid and should not be required.

New Contributor

well today c/s was able to issue me a RMA number. but they still can't provide me the shipping label or instructions for shipping the drive in just told to keep waiting.


Hello aaron158,

Thank you for contacting Solidigm Support.

We understand that this RMA is very important to you, and we are trying our best to complete your refund process as soon as possible. We are still in the transition process from Intel to Solidigm, which is why it is taking longer than expected.

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to your case and we will gladly assist you via email. We truly appreciate your patience.

Best regards,

Solidigm Customer Support.


New Contributor

The RMA process with this company gets worst by the day. first they held up the RMA for over a week just to provide me the RMA number.

I ship the drive in using the Provided ups label.


a couple days after shipping the drive out well its on the way they send me a Western Union form to fill out for the refund.


first question on this form is business ID yet nothing works name,phone no,rma number nothing. contact c/s nothing they tell me works...


so another 3 days for the RMA dept to reissue the form and actually provide the number to put in there.


i fill the form out. and continue to wait for ups to delivery the drive.


on sat the drive got to Louisville ky. but rather then try to delivery the drive ups are told to hold the drive for someone to pick it up.  4 days later ups is still holding the drive no one has went to get it. c/s has no clue what is going on.


i'm told to just wait they have to investigate why ups is being told to hold the drive. i sure didn't tell them that and this shouldn't be my problem. i shipped the drive in using there shipping label. i did everything they asked of me and now there holding my money up.


every part of this RMA process has been bad. making people wait over a week for an rma number. not giving people the info to fill out the form. not offering replacement drives and forcing them to take refunds. telling ups to hold packages and then not picking them up in a timely manor.

On top of that i've asked several times to talk to a manger or someone in charge of the RMA dept and no one ever contacts back from this RMA dept.