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anyone having problems with SSD6 600p 512 GB failures? (x2 over 2 years)

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I built a home PC in Jan 2017 with my 1st SSD on M.2 drive. Worked great till approx Jan 2018 when SSD6 600P 512 GB boot drive failed and I needed to rebuild windows 10 OS. Techs at shop had no explanation or ideas why and I had no prior warnings of pending failures. Everything works great again, till Jan 2019 when it failed again. No windows OS repair features helped. So I'm thinking about going back to standard SSD for boot up drive to improve reliability. Any feedback, ideas or suggestions?

If I install a new SSD (none m.2) for a more reliable boot drive, other than e-waste scrap, any ideas or uses for Intel 600P 512 GB boot M.2 SSD drive?

Also a recommendation for a reliable SSD brand would be welcome. I'm just a hobby techy retired guy, so it's just my home office PC (not a really heavy use for PC), but rebuilding my boot drive and reacquiring/setting up programs/Data from to 3 TB x2 drives etc, is getting tiresome every 12 months.

intel SSD6 600p 512 GB


intel i7 - 6700K processor

32 GB DDR4 2133 ram

6 GB Asus GTX 1060 VD card

Corsair H100i v2 Watercooler

850watt Gold power supply

Fractal Design - Define R5 (lots of fans)

2 x 3tb WD drives for data/programs

PS - thank goodnesss for QNAP 12 tb backup drive (3tb x 4)


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Hello BMacD1, Thank you for contacting Intel® Memory & Storage Support. As we understand, you need assistance with your Intel® SSD 600p Series. If we infer correctly we will appreciate if you can provide us with the following information: • The SSU logs. 1- Go to download the software. 2- When finished downloading it, open it. 3- Attach the file obtained to your reply. • A screenshot of the “Disk Management” of windows showing all your SSDs and partitions. • We need you to provide us with the SMART details .CSV file (SMART logs) from your Intel® SSD 600p Series. In the “IntelSolidStateDriveToolboxUserGuide.pdf” section 3.2 you can find the instructions on how to get this file. We will be looking forward to your reply. Best regards, Josh B. Intel® Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation

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Josh, Thanks for your reply. Quick question (and my update of my current status). I needed the PC up and running again, and without the M.2 Intel 600p (boot drive), I needed to do something over the weekend - actually Sunday. So I purchased a new SSD (a none M.2). I then reinstall Windows on the new SSD. I then changed the order in my boot up, in my BIOS. I then re-established connection (repointing My DOC, My Pictures, My Videos, etc) to my existing *two* HHD's in my PC. I wish I could have waited, but I needed the PC. Then spent most of the day reinstalling SW etc (which were still on one of the HHD's.) Updating windows. I then (rightly or wrongly) I reformatted (full reformat) the M.2 Intel 600p 512gb old boot drive, to be used as an extra drive. With all that in mind, will your instructions actually find any useful data?? Or did I delete it with my reformatting? Bruce On Mon, Jan 21, 2019, 3:31 PM Intel Forums < wrote:

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Hello BMacD1, Thank you for your reply. We understand the necessity of having your PC up and running. Regarding the information requested on my previous post, it will be really useful even after formatting the drive since it will show the drive SMART status and the environment were the SSD is connected in order to discard any hardware issue. This been said we will be looking forward to your reply including the information requested. Best regards, Josh B. Intel® Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation

Here is some of the information requested, working on the rest...