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600p M.2 512GB: available spare has fallen below threshold

New Contributor


after using a NVMe SSD (SSDPEKKW512G7X1) for a couple of months as a caching device for LVM under Linux it now seems to be completely broken. Attached you will find the output of smartctl and nvme.

Interestingly, this is already the second SSD with exactly this error. The first one was exchanged by my dealer.

Is it possible that both devices belong to a faulty batch?

Any help would be appreciated.


New Contributor II

Seems like another firmware bug.

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello mihilg,

We understand that your SSD has fallen below threshold on the available spare and seems to be read only now.We would like you to know first that this SSD belongs to the consumer SSDs family, a reason why it is not recommended to be used in a Data Center environment or for caching purposes. The reason is due to the high amount of reads and writes the SSD already has.If by any chance you have this SSD connected in a Data Center Server and its workload is very heavy, we do suggest to you any of our @DataCenterSSDs Data Center Family SSDs.Please confirm if this is your actual environment and please let us know the workload on this SSD.Regards,Nestor C

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Hello Nestor C,

thanks for your answer.

The SSD was used on a test and development system with a couple of virtual machines. All virtual machines use logical volumes as disk devices and all of these volumes were cached.

I use a Samsung 840 Pro on a Windows Desktop with a Total_LBAs_Written value of 16,005,300,778 or 7.5 TB. Compared to the 713 GB written with the 600p device, the workload seems to be pretty moderate.

According to the technical specifications of the 600p series, the Endurance Rating (Lifetime Writes) is 288 TBW. However, the device does not work after 713 GB have been written. That's less than 3%.

Or is this not about the amount of data that has been written or read, but about the total number of read and write operations? I could not find any information about these values in the technical specifications.



Esteemed Contributor III

Hello mihilg,

THanks for your response and for the clarification. We would like to check further in this and we will be getting back to you soon.Regards,Nestor C