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520 SSD stopped working after about a month's good use.

New Contributor


I have used a newly bought Intel SSD 520 180Gb for about a month without any problems. But then all of a sudden neither Windows or BIOS can find it and as long as the SSD is connected to my computer the startup time (for the computer) is increased significantly. When I unplug the SSD from the computer everything goes back to normal. I have tried the SSD on another computer and the same things happen there.

I already have another Intel SSD installed on my computer (my system hdd) which is working perfectly so I know that I have made all the necessary changes in order for SSDs to work on the computer. Same thing goes with drivers.

I cannot find anyone else who has the same issue. The only thing I can think of is that the SSD is broken?

Please help!


Valued Contributor II

Hello Garham,

Assuming you have ruled out the SATA cables then the issue might be the drive itself. You may contact your local Intel® Support team for further assistance.

I have now been in contact with Intel Support team and they established that the SSD was probably broken so they sent me a new one. So this has now been solved!