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X25-V and Hyper-V

Esteemed Contributor III

My ASUS machine contains several boot drives, including an Intel X25-V SATA drive that I wanted to experiment with. On this machine I can boot either Windows 7, or one of two copies of Win Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V. My problem is that when I boot the last copy of Hyper-V installed I cannot see the Intel X25-V drive.

It is visible when I boot Windows 7, or the copy of Hyper-V that I installed before I purchased this drive. I cannot see why the order of these events should produce different results, but I cannot find any other explanation. Would applying firmware upgrades possibly help?


Esteemed Contributor III

So much for the thought that a firmware update might resolve this problem. That utility doesn't recognize the X25-V either.

And even though the SSD Toolbox recognizes the SSD from my Win 7 client, it flags it as an unsupported RAID drive.... RAID is not enabled on my ASUS P6T system, so that makes little sense.

This X25-V SSD "value" product does seem to be a waste of money and an even greater waste of my time.