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Which SSD for my HP Proliant DL380G7?

Esteemed Contributor III


I want to buy Intel SSD drives for testings in my HP Proliant DL380G7, which is equiped whith a p410 controler, but i'm not sure to choose the right model.

I've seen this one: 520 Series - 180 Go - internal - 2.5" - SATA-600 [SSDSC2CW180A3K5] which cost is good compromise.

How does such drives would be integrated in my server: i don't think it would integrate in the hort-plug slots? Perhaps internally? Do i need some extra cable for that...?

If some of you have already done such installation, some help would be welcomed.

Thanks !



Esteemed Contributor III

Hello there,

Before anything else, please note that HP will not be responsible for any Controller issues/data loss that could happen when using non-HP branded devices in their systems (the retail SSDs aren't even in their supported hardware listings). Does this mean using these SSDs is a bad idea? Not directly, but it's something you should always have in mind when deploying the machine.

I have successfully placed a 2,5" Intel 520 Series SSD in a HP NHP 3,5" bay (using some dualsided tape to secure it on the EXACT position where it slides into the SATA-connector and makes firm contact, so getting the position right and securing it is essential.

This was in a HP ProLiant ML110G7, which has a B110i controller (basicly the small/cheap line of ProLiant machines best suited for light workloads). I have only done short testing runs but running Win2008R2 felt VERY fluent, more so then running on the original 10K SAS drives that were in the machine before. But I'm gonna leave it at that seeing I didn't stress it to the max for extended periods of time OR didn't do benchmarks either so it's all just a subjective feel about it. So is it possible to fit it in? Certainly. My B110i controller did detect it nicely, the Array Configuration saw it as an SSD and adjusted as such.