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What could be causing this performance problem?

Esteemed Contributor III

I bought my 80Gb G2 a few weeks ago and got it the day before intel released 02HD.

Installed the new firmware, installed Server 2008 R2 and here are the results after 2 weeks of use:

I've googled for some comparision hd tune images and found those:

His is on average 35Mb/s faster overwall, twice as fast on 512bytes and 4Kbytes, an 166mb/s faster in the random reads.

My G2 is connected to a P5Q Pro, and under device manager, the sata controller's driver details list has msahci.sys



Hello, I would like to let you know that Intel does not support or provide information over benchmarking information and if you are using the Solid State Drive under the RAID option you will find performance degradation over time since the trim command will not work under that configuration.

Esteemed Contributor III

You might want to try the latest Intel RST controller driver ( ) instead of the default MS driver that gets automatically installed in Win 7. (msahci)