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SSD Toolbox cannot detect NTFS partition - "No Partition:" ?

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I was up until 4am trying to resolve this - hoping someone on here may be able to point the way.

I cracked and bought a X25-M this week. Data on setup/procedure used:

* Used on a Dell M1710 with SATA-I (Crystal Mark stats for a SATA-I interface below if you are interested);

* FW upgraded to 02HD on a desktop, encountered the AHCI error that isn't an error;

* Old HDD duplicated with Acronis on a desktop (run a diskchk if you get errors - filesystem errors caused Acronis to baulk. Chkdsk gives clean bill now);

* The laptop runs XP;

* There is now one large C: on it. NTFS.

* At cloning it had other partitions. Have expanded C: to occupy all space. Label must have been rewritten in process.

So - there's definately a partition there and the (v1.1) toolbox is the only program that can't see it:

"No Partion: INTEL SSDSA2M160G2GC 160GB" in the Drive Select area and the Fast Diagnostic Scan says"This tool needs a partition".

That of course means the TRIM Optimiser won't work, which is what I want.

Any ideas as to how to make the Toolbox see the partition/have you had this issue?

Thanks in advance - will post confirmation of any fixes that work - Nick.

ps: Stats for a 5200RPM vs SATA-I usage of the drive. Only the big sequential reads suffer much from the lower spec interface:


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Anyone else got TRIM/the Toolbox working with SATA-I? That would rule out one of my lines of investigation. TRIM appears to be an ATA command and I thought independent of the interface being SATA I vs SATA II, but I stand to be corrected.


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My research so far leads me to believe that due to the lack of AHCI drivers on my system, the Toolbox/Optimizer fails to recognise the partition (this is stated as a requirement for the Toolbox, but I understood from a forum posting that IDE mode would be fine).

My guess is that Intel have limited the Toolbox to the AHCI API - great: my laptop has an AHCI capable chipset, however Dell BIOS limitations mean I cannot turn that mode on.

Looks like I made an error when I did not pick an opposition's make of SSD.

Hohum - Nick.