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SSD not visble in Toolbox 3 (also not in "disk management")

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I've an Intel SSD X-25M 80Gb G2 for about 2years now. It's installed in my Toshiba P300-175 notebook. In the other slot i've a Western Digital of 1TB.

For the intel SSD, I always used the toolboxes. I never had problems with them as they were very easy to install and to use. I installed the Intel SSD and the WD 2 years after I purchased the notebook.Recently I downloaded and installed the new Toolbox 3.0.2 from the Intel site. Installation was succesfull, but when I opened the toolbox it didn't see my SSD, only my other Hard disk. I tried to install the toolbox in safemode, where i made the following screenshot:

My notebook is set at AHCI.

I made some screenshots from what the toolbox says about my system:

Following link is a screen shot from my system devices about the motherboard drivers:

I also noticed in the Disk management screen that my ssd isn't visible there too.

My SSD is visible when I go to "my computer", but when i right click on the ssd and go via properties to hardware then in the list of all disk drives, the SSD isn't visible again. Because of all this, i thought that my notebook didn't recognize the ssd because i first need to install the Intel® SATA Solid-State Drive Firmware Update Tool v1.92. So I burned the firmware image to a cd, did all what is described in the installation guide. At the moment te installation began to scan for ssd's it said it didn't detected any.

So: AS i'm typing this now, i have my windows running on that SSD, so offcourse it boots on that drive, but when installing the firmware in bios it doesnt find any ssd. Thats a weird problem for me. The only thing i wanted to do is just updating from toolbox 2 to toolbox 3. I also updated all my PCI bus drivers using Intel® Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility), installed last drivers from toshiba for my notebook, restarted, reinstalled toolbox 3, again problem stays.

At this stage, there isn't any toolbox working on my notebook, because toolbox 3 doesnt work and toolbox 2 is replaced by toolbox 3.

I didnt had any problems with the earlier toolboxes, so i'm still very happy with my prodcut, just this problem doesn't want to resolve. Does anyone knows a solution for this problem, or has the same experience?

If images are not visible enough. Look at:

Thanks in advance, Jef De Feyter