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New X25-V 40GB SSD with updated firmware 02HD - Slow Read problem

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi, I just received a brand new X25-V 40GB that came with original firmware 02HB. I immediately updated to the new official firmware 02HD; loaded the OS and etc.; performed the Intel SSD toolbox maintenance; then proceeded to do some benchmarks.

Lo and behold, I got slow READ at about 115MB/sec.Writes look OK at about 40 MB/sec. My other OCZ Vertex SSD performs at >200MB/sec READs from the same system, so I know it's not the system.

Is there a problem with the new firmware 02HD for this X25-V line? I did not benchmark with the original 02HB fw, but read online that some user got >180MB/sec READ with 02HB. Thanks for your help.


Esteemed Contributor III

Screen of HDTune - note the slow BURST as well!

and ATTO Benchmark that shows also the SLOW READs