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Intel X25-E Extreme SLC 32GB SSD used as boot drive for win7 64

Esteemed Contributor III



Esteemed Contributor III

there is no "ideal stripe size" for any SSD yet, unless both the RAID controller & SSD are under the same manufacturer and fully supported by the manufacturer. The funny thing is, Intel made some controller for their 1 and only blade server product, but the SSD is not validated with it thus not supported....

The only way for you to find the best stripe size is to trial and error. Generally, Adaptec recommends 256KB stripe size across any storage they supported. My experience tells me anything below 256KB and above 32KB stripe size would outperform that 256KB settings. But for your case....first, it's a really overkill to use such a tiny yet expensive SLC for desktop, regardless it's gaming or serious server won't really get much performance gain over the MLC siblings....especially when you start RAID-ing them up as a disk array....Unless you're doing super duper heavy writing stuff every, writing at least 50MB-70MB per second for 24x7......

My suggestion for you, sell that SLC off and get 3-4 X25-M and RAID them up in will see a better return of investment Even my SAN is running on X25-M (8pcs of them now) and hit beyond 2GB/s bandwidth easily......