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Intel 510 or 520 series? Not considering the speed and price, which one is more stable, secure and reliable?

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Hello everyone.

I need to make a decision today because I am going to buy an SSD from Intel in tomorrow.

I am designer, I am not gamer, I am not overclocker, I want a very very very stable machine.

I am not decided about 510 series or 520 series.

which the more reliable SSD from intel today?

The 510 series with the marvell controller? Or the 520 series with sandforce controller? Without considering the speed and price, which is the most secure and reliable? Some reports on the Internet says that Marvell is much safer and that in no have bugs and blue screens, other reports say that Intel spent a year testing the new model and moved to sadforce. Other story says that the intel moved to SandForce to compete with other manufacturers only about on price and speed only, but the Marvell (even a little slower at writing, it is safer). I'm confused and dizzy with so much information. So, forget the price and speed. Which is more stable, secure and reliable?

I've heard very good things about the 510 series talking about reliability and stability. (even in the writing time Slower than 520 series).

What peope think about the new 520 series? experiences of use. Is so good as the 510 series? Better than the 510 series? ( not considering the price and speed) Or worse than 510 series with Possible infamous BSOD? have people using the 520 series? What are your experiences? THank you in advance. Edde

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No reply?

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As a 520 owner, I'd have to suggest the 510.

The Sandforce SF-2281 controller is notorious for the dreaded "F4 BSOD" while entering or waking from sleep/suspend modes, and although Intel have improved the issue with their firmware, it's far from perfect. There are also some compatability issues with laptops and Macs.

I doubt the 510 series is without its own issues, but generally the Marvell 9174 is a super-reliable controller. It does not have the benchmark speeds of the Sandforce (which beats it hands down with compressible data) but in normal use this would be barely noticeable, particularly if you're coming from a HDD.

If you're after pure reliability/stability, IMHO it's a no-brainer : 510 every time.

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Thank you dennisammenace, I agree with you. This is what I think too.

I going to buy it today.

Also have 520 for three months - no signs of sleep bug, and any other troubles. But must say truth - no seen real performance improvements over any SDD of its price.