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Intel 510 240gb/HP 2560p - Powers off + Non-System Disk Error

Esteemed Contributor III

I work for a large organization and our COO has had a new laptop fitted with an Intel 510 SSD as a special case. The machine had been working for over a month after it was first issued but has since had problems we now believe is related to the SSD.

The machine will power off randomly, reboot and display that the drive is not found. After a few more power cycles the drive re-appears and the notebook boots with no issues. This then started occurring every couple of days.

  • SSD Firmware has been updated to the latest version (when laptop was initially configured)
  • HP Toolbox is installed, TRIM is enabled (when laptop was initially configured)
  • The latest motherboard BIOS version is installed
  • No stop error dump file is created

Our initial assumption was that there is an issue with the motherboard so we've had this replaced though HP warranty. This worked find for around a month but the problem has re-occurred.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what may cause this issue?




Esteemed Contributor III

The usual problems with SSDs in laptops include power related issues, such as lowering power on an OS SSD. Search for DIPM on the Internet for examples of how to fix potential issues of that kind on laptops.

Also, in Windows Power Options, Advanced settings, set Turn off Hard Disk: to Never. That may cause increased battery usage if a standard HDD is also used on that laptop.

Since the SSD passes testing in the Toolbox, also check that the mounting and connections to the SSD are in good condition and solid.

The Intel 510 SSD does not have a firmware update available from the Toolbox or the .iso file Firmware Update Tool, and has never had a FW update of any kind.

New Contributor

I am experiencing the same problem, except with an Intel 510 120gb and an HP 6560b.

It only happens very randomly and rather seldom (about 5 times in a year), usually when putting the laptop to sleep but not always as it just froze on me for the first time while working in Windows.

Interestingly we have another laptop with the identical configuration and it's never happened on that one.

I'm sorry for the trouble you are experiencing.

Not all issues posted to this community receive the prompt peer support that you might need. In lieu of waiting for assistance, I would like to suggest you contact Intel Customer Support for additonal troubleshooting.

Thank you.

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I also had the same issue. I reinstalled windows 7, then windows 8, tried ide, and ahci mode, only way i didn't try it in raid... I am an IT engineer, so lets say, i am familiar in this field. I checked cables, bought new ones

In the beginning was working fine for 2 month, and than started to do BSOD, now it is happening now and than... I can't even restart it, because the bios can not see the ssd itself, randomly start to work after several restarts, maybe an hour later, maybe a day later. I tried in different laptops, sometimes works, sometimes not.

I have the newest firmware on it, checked with the Intel toolbox, etc

I contacted Intel support, to get a replacement, but because I bought the ssd from ebay from a person, they sendt me away with my request, even though I have the box, and still warranty on it...

After normal harddisk I said the speed is just amazing, and never going back from ssd, but beside I got speed, I got an unreliable system. I need the laptop for my work. This is just unacceptable... So that was the last time I bought intel ssd.