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How to recover SSD 320 crash?

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello, I bought a new SSD 320 and used the data migration software for my brand new Win7 HP computer. I swapped the drives and everything was working fine until I tried to install the Win7 version of my HP printer software. During the install it blue-screened and I could no longer boot Win7 from this drive. It gave me error, "The SMART hard disk check detected imminent failure. Hard disk 1 (301)". When I try to use the recovery disks I made it says, "Recovery not supported under current configuration, please enable acceleration option for Intel Smart Response Technology and try again". I've tried going back to my original hard disk and plugging in the SSD via USB but it is not recognized under Intel SSD Toolbox, and is shown as 8MB disk 1 under the disk management tool. Furthermore the acceleration option is NOT available in the SRT tool (I guess because the SSD is not being recognized?). Does anybody know how I can maybe wipe this drive and try the data migration again? (note: unfortunately I did NOT install the firmware upgrade before this issue happened) thanks very much!