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how do i get to know if there is a newer firmware for my ssd?

Esteemed Contributor III

i have intel 330 60gb ssd with 300i firmware on my old dell with sata 2 and no ahci.

ive cd booted with intel firmware update program but it couldnt find my ssd.

ive looked everywhere on intels rather complicated page with no luck.

probably there is no newer firmware but how do i get to know if there is?

im using vista 64, i dont know what trim is, but i know i should "have it", do i have it or how do i get it?

also, does my results seem normal considering no ahci + no sata 3?


Esteemed Contributor III

The download page for the "CD", or really iso firmware update method has a list of the SSDs that have a firmware update. Or check the Readme or Release notes files on the page, if available.

The Intel SSD Toolbox also can perform firmware updates, and allows you to check for new versions that are posted when a firmware update it added.

The 330 SSD is Intel's newest model in the consumer market, and does not have a firmware update. Intel very rarely has firmware updates for any of their SSDs, and then only to fix problems. Intel does not play the "new, bigger, better, Wow!" firmware game.

In the Windows, world, only Windows 7 has TRIM. Vista doesn't and it can't be added to it. But you can use the Intel SSD Toolbox, and run the Optimizer, which performs the same function as TRIM. But, that will depend upon your Dell PC, does it have an Intel CPU?

Your performance is reasonable for your PC's configuration. It's much better than a HDD, isn't it? Try ATTO and see what you get.