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Firmware update halts at freedos disclaimer

Esteemed Contributor III

Like the title say, I´m trying to update my 320 120gb with the new firmware. I followed the official guide and burnt the iso by using windows burning software, checked that the disc was working, restarted and set cd rom to boot first. All that happens next is that I see all the freedos disclaimer info, then the last word was something like "init..." and a blinking underscore after that.

I tried pressing "Y", enter, esc, ctr-alt-delete, but nothing happened. I waited about 5 min, then I rebooted and came here.

Any idea of what is going on?

win7 64-bit

asus p67 pro

SB i7 2600k


Esteemed Contributor III

In the BIOS, set your SATA Mode to IDE/Compatibility/Legacy (the term varies but mean the same thing).

Once your firmware update is complete and your restart, set your SATA Mode back to what it was.

Basically, the simple OS does not have AHCI/RAID drivers so it cannot detect your SSD in that mode.