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Excellent Article on SSD technology

Esteemed Contributor III

Very good article done by anandtech.


Esteemed Contributor III

Another good article, but it is on the real technical side.

I said in one of my post that SSD technology is immature, meaning that it is not at the current state whereby the technology can be mass produced for the consumer at a affordable price point.

I quote this from the article "Steffen Helmold, ex SimpleTech, then Seagate and now at Sandforce summarized the gist of Solid state drives at a recent JEDEC Flash summit: "When we eliminated the mechanical parts of hard disc drives and moved to solid state memory drives we thought we had solved all problems, only to find that we opened a whole new can of worms". In other words, what appeared simple at the surface turned out a major obstacle course with respect to bringing SSDs to a reliable and reproducible level of performance and data retention."