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Windows XP folder constantly growing on 320 SDD

Hello,My Windows XP folder is constantly growing on my 160GB Intel 320SSD. It increased from 10 to 12GB in one month.As the Windows XP partition is the last I cannot increase it and I always have a low free space problem.Please help!.Thank you!

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Stability Issues with Intel SSD 520 after X25m Upgrade

I recently moved from an Intel SSD X-25m to Intel SSD 520 and have been experiencing stability issues every since the upgrade.I am continually getting BSOD with F4 error which never happened prior to my upgrade. I am on firmware version 400i. Using...

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Low speeds on Intel SSD 520 480GB model

HelloI recently bought this model and I believe I set up everything correctly.I switched to AHCII mode before I freshly installed win 7After that I installed Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Driver Software V10.5.0.1026 and SSD toolbox v. 3.0.3I als...

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how do i get to know if there is a newer firmware for my ssd?

i have intel 330 60gb ssd with 300i firmware on my old dell with sata 2 and no ahci.ive cd booted with intel firmware update program but it couldnt find my ssd.ive looked everywhere on intels rather complicated page with no luck.probably there is no ...

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