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DG31PR, PS/2 mouse and KB not working after restart

Esteemed Contributor III

After solving various problems on my PC I still have my PS/2 mouse and KB not working.

Motherbord: DG31PR, Windows XP Pro, SP2, Intel Pentium CPU.

The PC would not restart from the restart menu, "start, shut down, Restart. PC startup well from front pannel ON/OFF button. I run a virus scan and found many virusses which I could not remove so I wiped the HDD.

After reload Windows XP Pro again the PC could still not restart from menu but well from ON/OFF button. When trying to restart it shuts down and try to startup, but just after the Intel flash screen it stops with a flashing cursor in the top left corner of the screen. Then when pressing Enter it will run through to the desktop screen but nothing would work, neiterh the mouse or KB. The only way to switch it of then is by pressing the ON/Off button.

Then I upgraded the BIOS. That solved the hanging after the Intel flash screen but I still can not use the mouse or KB. USB mouse works fine and help to open Device Manager. In Device manager i can not see the keyboard or ps/2 mouse

Any answers to my problem?


Esteemed Contributor III

Problem solved. The two cables were connected the wrong way round. Mouse into key board and the other way round.