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Check out our newly posted SSD New Users Guide

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Hi All,

First, I'm an Intel employee. Thought you should know . In an effort to make this communities site a more useful place and to reduce the amount of repeat questions, we've added a new users guide. You can check it out here:

Even if you're not a new user, take a look ; it may answer some standing questions you have. Also, we're open to suggestions on further topics you'd like to see us cover. Thanks for your support!



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At last

How about a progress update on the new G3 drives?

What's happening with TRIM support for raid array members?

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Progress is good.

And with regards to TRIM support in a RAID array.........Intel continues to investigate options to increase our products' performance and endurance. Sorry i couldn't give you a meatier answer

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Two questions if I may...

1, This guide seems to say that the new driver release does allow TRIM to work in RAID arrays, just as the original documentation. Is this correct?

2. Whats Intels position with respect to System Restore? Every Intel drive that I know of seems to have the same result where TRIM is not working properly, if at all, while System Restore continues to allocate restore points. This is being observed on a pretty much daily basis now and everyone who I ask to do a simple test to prove it, concedes the results are the same.

Simply, if one allows System restore to work normally for a few weeks with the Intel (and other) ssds, the performance can be confirmed to be dropping through a Simple Crystal Disk Score. Then, if they install the Toolbox and manually optimize, it takes a great deal of time, sometimes over an hour. This can only result in the belief that TRIM is not working properly, if at all.

If you then ask them to turn Restore off, Optimize and then take a performance score again, the numbers return to what they should be.

This seems very consistent everywhere... Can u address this?

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Hi Flamenko1,

For your first question, I'll refer you to an announcement made on communities shortly after RST9.6 was released:

"Intel® RST 9.6 supports TRIM in AHCI and pass through modes for RAID. A bug has been submitted to change the string that indicates TRIM is supported on RAID volumes (0, 1, 5, 10)"

Does this clear things up for you? TRIM is NOT supported on RAID volumes 0,1,5, or 10.

I'll have more on your second question soon. Thanks for the input!