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Can´t get an RMA for my failed X25 G2 SSD

Esteemed Contributor III

My 80GB X25 G2 SD failed after a month of use. The PC froze and then would not restart, saying Windows OS could not be found. The bios is only recognising it as being 8MB instead of 80GB. I decided to call Intel direct instead of going back to my retailer thinking Intel would be able to replace it quicker as I know the retailer has no more stock as these drives are in short supply. After spending 3 days sending detail after detail and yet more details, support finally told me they won´t give me an RMA number unless I download and run HDD erase on the drive. As the SSD was my boot drive my pc is dead and wont boot up meaning I don´t have internet access from home to download any software.

Is it reasonable to expect me to do this before getting an RMA? I am not an IT technician and think it is unreasonable to expect your average end user to perform this level of diagnosis. If they want us to do this to get an RMA then I think they should supply the necessary diagnostic software on a bootable cd with the drive not expect us to go downloading 3rd party apps from the Internet.

This has soured my perception of Intel and means given a choice I am unlikely to chosse an Intel product again knowing how difficult they make it to return goods under warranty. And even more so as support are no longer replying to my emails. Anyone can sell goods, but it´s when things go wrong you find out how good a company really is...