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Partition Error : 80Go -> 100Mo ?!?

HelloI have 2 hard drives on my machine: a 80GB SSD (Intel X-25M Postville -> my problem) and a classic 1TB HDD. I installed Windows 7 64 bit on the SSD. But after installing Windows, I had no partition defined on the second disk (1TB). And I di...

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Workstation with X25-M SSD hangs in POST in AHCI/RAID-mode - how to fix?

I have a problem with my X25-M SSD in a Fujitsu W480 Workstation (Intel® 3450 chipset, Onboard Sata Controller).The Workstation hangs in Post with Status:90 if the SSD is connected and the Onboard-Sata Controller is not set to IDE-mode (AHCI or RAID)...

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x25-m80gb, cant use firmware.need RAID for hdd, AHCI for ssd.

Hiya Folks,Just couldnt find an answer for this problem, hope to find one here to solve this.Ive upgraded my system with a x25-m 80gb. Before i used 2 normal disks in Raid.My OS is running on the ssd. as second i want to use 2 normal disks still as r...

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RAID 0 benchmark and question

Here is my result with RST is my Device ManagerMy system: OS Window7 (64 bit)Intel(R) 5520/5500/X58RAM 12GBHere is the detailed spec on the system: http://support....

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