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Here is the way to simply an securely Erase any Drive (SSD, HDD, ...)

The way to do it is simply by using Microsoft DISKPART.Here is : using Method 8 as discribed.So, there is no longer need for unsafe and unkown tools like HDDErase or HDP...

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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2 Z-U130 USB SSDs at one internal connector

Hi all,I've bought a D510MO mainboard for my new home-server. Now I've read about the Z-U130 USB SSD and that you can connect this SSD to any internal USB connector.The D510MO has 2 internal USB connectors one with one USB Port and one with two USB P...

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Need help with Toolbox 1.3 and Windows 7 x64

Hi all, hope you can help me. I've got an X25-M 160GB SSD running the latest firmware on a machine running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I recently uninstalled version 2.5 of the Intel SSD Toolbox and installed version 1.3 The toolbox will not launch an...

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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