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Problem with X25 V

Hi!I have a very strange problem wiht my SSD from Intel. I use it to run WIndows Media Center (windows 7) and all scheduled tv recordings are stored on the SSD before they are copied to my Windows Home Server, and deleted from the WHS. The problem is...

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SSD data retention for archived drives

Hi,I work in litigation support for a large corporation and have been trying to warn them that the data retention time for an SSD is shorter than the 10 years of so for standard physical drives. They archive users' physical hard drives and count on ...

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Raid 0 showing as half it's volume

I have an Asus P6T motherboard with onboard Raid chip ICH8R and I created a raid -0 with both my SSD 25M 80 Hardddrives for a total volume of 160GB. Then I started to notice that on boot up, one of the drives during the boot sequence screen for onboa...

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SSD Toolbox: No Optimization due to " Volume Shadow Copy Service data"

Hi all and support!In an other thread some users had problems running the new optimizer in the SSD Toolbox 1.2.Me too - Running XP pro 32 bit with system recovery disabled (via ssd tweaker util) and volume shadow copy service (vssvc.exe) manually dis...

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