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330 not detected by migration software

Esteemed Contributor III

My new 330 SSD is seen by the mobo BIOS, is seen in Win 7 by the disk management, but the Intel/Acronis migration software does not detect it and won't proceed with the migration. Mobo is Intel DG965WH with last BIOS rev. Tried with both AHCI and IDE.


Esteemed Contributor III

Intel Support thinks the migration software is not compatible with the IC8H chipset on my mobo. I switched to the free version of Easeus but needed

to use the ERD to correct the MBR after copying the partition.

New Contributor

Check the current version of the software you are using. Download the version that is currently posted on the Intel webiste. The one posted is the version you should use (even if it is older). Report back if it works better for you.....