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2 Z-U130 USB SSDs at one internal connector

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi all,

I've bought a D510MO mainboard for my new home-server. Now I've read about the Z-U130 USB SSD and that you can connect this SSD to any internal USB connector.

The D510MO has 2 internal USB connectors one with one USB Port and one with two USB Ports. I planed to buy 3 Z-U130 and connect them with extansion cables.

My question is: Can I connect 2 Z-U130 to one internal USB connector?

Hope somebody can answer this question!




Esteemed Contributor III

Only one of the internal USB ports supports using the ZU130 disk (and possibly booting from it).

See the Product Guide, it's all there.

Esteemed Contributor III

You can plug in the Z-U130 on a 'normal' internal USB connector. One of my fellow students is using one Z-U130 on a 'normal' internal USB connector and is booting from it.

My question is: Can I plug in two Z-U130 to only one internal USB connector?