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Windows 8 Pro and new SSD RAID0 Array

Esteemed Contributor III

With Windows 8 Pro installed now considering RAID 0 set up with an Asus Maximus 5 Extreme and Intel 3770K.

Currently running a single Intel 520 120GB ssd.

Question is for RAID0 to work properly Read/Writes near or above 1000MB/s transfer rates, do I have to match my current drive for both volume and controller type or just volume?

Can I use an Intel 520 120GB drive in Raid0 with an upcoming Intel 530 120GB drive?

Thanks guys!


Esteemed Contributor III

Mixing different types of SSDs in RAID volumes is a rather unknown area in PCs, I've never seen anything written about it.

I can tell you that when combining SSDs of different capacities in RAID volumes, the capacity of the resulting volume is determined by the smallest capacity SSD used. For example, a RAID 0 volume composed of a 60GB and 120GB SSD, will only have a total capacity of 120GB.

Matching the SSD controllers could be important, given the behavior I have seen with different SSD controllers. If the 530 SSD uses the SandForce 2281 controller, and only differs in the type of NAND from the 520, then it may work together fine. Whether or not the SSD's firmware makes a difference is another question.