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Which Intel SSD support OPAL hardware encryption

New Contributor


We would like to purchase Intel OPAL SSD for development. Where can I find or purchase it?




Contributor II

Hello JohnnyChang

From our side the SSD Pro 1500 supports OPAL 1.0 and the SSD PRO 2500 supports OPAL 2.0 and eDrive.

You can get the product either online or any Intel® Reseller store.

Kevin M

I get the message from Intel support. Could you tell me which information is correct?

We understand you want to know where to find our Intel® SSD Pro 2500

Series that supports Opal*2.0. correct?

We would like to inform you that Intel does not sell products directly

to the public, however, we have the list of our authorized distributors

where you can check for the nearest one in your area. The link below

contains the information you have requested.

Additionally we would like to include the follow information below for

your convenience which contains instructions on how to enable this

feature on drive.


Please let us know if this piece of information helped you to find the


Should you have any further questions or doubts, please do not hesitate

to contact us.

The information about the Opal Support is correct.

Note that Intel® sell the products through OEMs or Intel® Authorized resellers but not directly to End Users.

You can use the following link to locate the nearest store with this product:

As previous rep mentioned, you can use this other link too:

Kevin M