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Upgrade options for 80GB SDD

New Contributor

I have an 80GB Intel SSD in a Lenovo T410. (SSDSA2M080G2LE) and plan to swap it up to a SSDSC2BW120A4K5 or SSDSC2BW120A401. 120GB drive. Is this a straight swap scenario in terms of the physical sizes and connectors??

Obviously the data migration will be another issue..



Valued Contributor II

The difference between them in terms of size is that the Intel® SSDSA2M080G2LE is 9.5mm while the other two are 7mm. The physical SATA connection is the same.

We recommend you checking with the system manufacturer for a list of validated SSD models.

Thanks! Actually took the plunge and bought the 120. Did the simple Win 7 image backup and restore method and worked perfectly . Couldn't believe it was do easy. Created a 😧 drive with the extra space and my problem is solved . New drive also smokes the old one speed wise.