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Trying to understand the differences between SSDSC2BP480G4R5 and SSDSC2BP480G410

New Contributor

Trying to understand the differences between two ssds that Newegg has available. Can someone explain the difference between SSDSC2BP480G4R5 and SSDSC2BP480G410? There's a $200 difference in pricing and the spec's look the same to me


Valued Contributor II

Hello Ehutch,

We would like to thank you for considering to purchase the Intel® SSD 730 Series 480GB.

As you suggested before, the SSDSC2BP480G4R5 and SSDSC2BP480G410 are ordering codes for the same SSD model. Those numbers are the ones a distributor would use to buy drives directly from Intel.

The difference is the packaging and presentation.

The SSDSC2BP480G410 is what you would call a bulk package or drive only version. It comes in a cardboard box.

The SSDSC2BP480G4R5 is a reseller kit version. This comes in a Blue Intel Box and includes a cable and Software CD.

You would normally prefer the Reseller kit over the Bulk package version.

The prices for each version may vary depending on the retailer policies, and they are set at the seller's discretion.

Hi Jonathan, The G410 is the more expensive however. A bit surprising to see that there's a $200+ difference if the delta is essentially the cable and cd. I'm comfortable working with the stripped version in building out my unit so with the same spec's I'll likely go with the less expensive option. Figured it's time to upgrade from the X25-M that I currently have and use that as an excuse to build a completely new machine.

Valued Contributor II

The Intel® SSD 730 Series is a great option to upgrade from your X25-M.

Since the X25-M is SATA 3Gbps and the 730 is SATA 6Gbps, you will need a Motherboard with SATA 6 Gbps ports to take full advantage of the new drive.

For technical characteristics and ordering codes of Intel Solid State Drives and other Intel products, you can always check our product knowledgebase: @SolidStateDrives @SolidStateDrives