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System freeze on internet explorer 32bit (330 120GB)

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Windows 7 64bit

This is a total freeze of the computer which it doesn't seem to recover from and it only seems to happen in the 32 bit version of IE on some specific kinds of sites. Gamespot sometimes does it, experienced it on questionable content and on cnet while looking for solutions. The effect is pretty immediate after the site loads whatever type of content that triggers this. It doesn't happen in nightly and it doesn't seem to happen on the 64bit version of IE, although I haven't tested it thoroughly. This doesn't happen on the same OS in my mechanical drive.

Running windows update and installing windows 7 sp1 along with some other security updates fixed the crash, but broke some other things. One of my games (planet side 2) crashes immediately and worst of all every couple of seconds the mouse cursor changes to the loading symbol and the HD access light flashes constantly while doing nothing. So this definately isn't an acceptable solution for me.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can find out what is causing the freezing problem? At least if it blue screened, I'd have some error codes to look up, but in this case I don't have anything to work off of.


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The fact that you write you are having problems with IE makes me think the problem is with IE and not your SSD. I've found IE to be increasingly unstable with each patch. If you look at the URL field of IE, if you see what looks like a torn piece of paper, that indicates IE detected an incompatibility with the website. You can then force it into compatible mode by clicking on the torn icon, the page will reload, and hopefully all is well.

Another thing to try is install Google Chrome as a secondary browser. I know we've all become used to the look and feel of IE. But Chrome does seem to work better as a browser and has fewer problems than IE. Give it a try and see how it goes.

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To be fair, IE was here first and I have only had the SSD for a few days so who knows what else doesn't work properly. Yes the issue is some compatability between IE and the way the SSD does things so I'd like to find out exactly what it is if possible. Already tried compatability mode and I would rather not use any google product at this point; I have nightly as an alternative browser.

If no one knows, I'll just return the SSD and try a non sandforce controller to see if it helps.

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I suspected it might've been java or flash based on the kinds of sites it was freezing at, then I got really suspicious when I found that youtube caused it. It's too early to say, but I think updating my flash fixed it. Not sure why windows updates fixes it as well, but whatever as long as it works.

EDIT: Spoke too soon, just conked out on cyanide and happiness. Hmm maybe it's a specific type of ad.

Ok things are getting stranger, nightly just froze. I think it wasn't having trouble before because I didn't have all the plugins you need to display advertisements and junk. The last thing it said before freezing was that it was loading a javascript callled bestfriendsforever.js or something.

EDIT: Even stranger now, I wanted to be absolutely sure that was only on the SSD so I went back to my mechanical disk OS and.... IE just crapped out after a few minutes. So the problem might be deeper than I thought, it's weird that it should only surface now even though I have been using this new hardware for a few days. I disconnected the SSD and am running HD only to check if it might be caused by having an SSD and mechanical at the same time, or maybe conflicts with files between disks. Maybe problems with AHCI who knows.

EDIT: That wasn't it, still froze. Trying IDE mode now.

Nope still happens in IDE mode with windows AHCI drivers disabled. I've reset the BIOS settings now. So clearly it's not the SSD, but something that I changed at the same time maybe.

EDIT: Ok that seems to have done it; it might've been incompatability with one of AMD's power saving states that I activated while I was in BIOS. Maybe triggered by the activity when loading a heavy website and then dropping down to idle.

Sorry intel, hope this helps some users that might be having this same strange issue.