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SSD warrany

New Contributor

Hello everyone. I have an oportunity to buy Intel 530 SSD drive from my friend, but he told me that he had not any receipt nor invoice. Do I need it or SN will be sufficient to get a help from Intel if it will be needed? Thank you for your time, Olaf.


Valued Contributor II

Hello brolaf,

The Intel® SSD 530 Series have a 5 year limited warranty, that is valid for the original purchaser for a period of five (5) years beginning on the date the Product was purchased in its original sealed packaging in the case of an Original Purchaser, or the date of original purchase of a computer system containing the Product in the case of an Original System Customer invoice.

Please take into consideration that this does not apply to "used" drives, as they are not bought in the "original sealed package".

You can see the full extent of the Intel warranty, including any limitations and exclusions in the following website: Intel® High Performance Solid-State Drives - Limited Warranties

You can check the Warranty/RMA Coverage for an Intel® SSD in the Intel Customer Support - Warranty Center.In this page, you will also find the contact information for Intel Customer Support in case you require further details.

The following document has more details about what is required to obtain warranty support from Intel: Registration, Warranty, and Return Material Authorization (RMA)

The proof of purchase may not be required in some warranty request scenarios, however, the purchaser should have one as it may be requested in some cases.

The 530 series was released on 2013, so these SSDs should still be covered by the 5 year limited warranty.