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Series 710 SMART Parameter ID E1h - Host Writes Indicator

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Hi All,

I am working with a 100 GB 710 SSD and Intel's SSD Toolbox software, version 3.0.3. Can someone please explain why the S.M.A.R.T. parameter ID E1h (Host Writes Indicator) reports a value with a GB suffix? According to the description in the Intel SSD Toolbox User's Guide this value is a counter and states "This attribute reports the total number of sectors written by the host system. The raw value is increased by 1 for every 65,536 sectors written by the host. Use the Raw value for this attribute."

Is this value actually 1.0 x 109?



SMART Data being misreported is a known issue.

The life of your SSD is not affected by this.



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Hi Jim,

Thank you for the response. Is it just the "Host Writes Indicator" being misreported or all SMART parameters?



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All SMART attributes reported by SSD Toolbox match the Intel 710 Spec from September 2011. Only the interpretations of the raw attribute values of E1, F1 and F2 are incorrect.

The attributes F1/F2 (Total LBAs Written/Read) are not correctly defined in the 710 spec. These raw values do not count LBAs. Like with attribute E1, the raw values of F1/F2 are incremented after 64Ki logical sectors (32MiB) have been read/written.

The SSD toolbox interprets these as 64Mi sector counters. Divide the reported value by 1024 for the correct value: replace T by G, G by M, ...:-)

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Thank you for the response but I'm not sure you covered my main question. The Intel SSD Toolbox is reporting the following for the Host Writes parameter E1:

ID Description Raw Value Normalized Threshold Action

E1 Host Writes 520.47 GB 100 0 Ready for use.

My question is how do I interpret the 520.47 GB counter value, if it truly is a counter?

520.47 GB = 558 850 000 000 Bytes of data?

Is this actually saying 520.47 x 109 which = 520 470 000 000 counts?