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S3610 smart function unavailable - Can't update firmware

New Contributor

My other S3610 1.6tb works, but my 1.2tb seems to have smart function disabled on it. Using the diagnostic toolbox, it says I need to contact intel to update the firmware. Instead of contacting intel, I used the firmware update tool and it said that it was updated, but the smart function is still unavailable.


Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Cheneric,

We understand you would like to know why the SMART functionality is not working or disabled and at the same time, to check if the firmware is fine on it.First of all, could you please confirm if the firmware version on the SSD is: G2010160?Now, about the SMART function, can you please download this tool and run the SMART command: isdct.exe show –smart and please let us know what you see.Also,-Do you have both SSDs connected to the same computer?-What is the operating system you have installed?-Could you share brand and model of the system or the specs?We'll be waiting for your response.Regards,Nestor C

New Contributor

Firmware is G2010150.

The SSD Toolbox says I have pre-production firmware.

Same computer.

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi Cheneric,

Thanks for confirming the information.

-We'd like to know where did you purchase the SSD?

-Also, could you try the following link to try to update the firmware on it?-Could you please export the *.csv file from Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox and attach it to the thread?

-Is the other drive you have presenting the same message under Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox? (Pre-production firmware)

We'll be waiting for your response.


Nestor C

I purchased it from ebay.

The seller just told me that it has locked firmware. Is there nothing I can do to enable the smart function?